When it comes to being welcoming, the Twin Cities has a bit of an image problem. But just below the surface, enticing things await.

That’s why we’re venturing into 4Play. It’s serious fun with a purpose: we want to make it easy for people to experience the things we love most about living here and connect people with one another during each of our distinctly different four seasons.

4Play MSP is a winning idea from the 2015 Knight Cities Challenge, which supports the best ideas to make cities more successful. 4Play was one of the largest grants awarded from the challenge this year. 

One day every season, long-time residents and newcomers will come together for a play date. We’ll create a safe space where experimentation is encouraged. Dozens of outdoor activities – from simple to extreme – will be coordinated into a regional play day. Every activity will be staffed by a local organization so anyone can learn how to safely participate. We’ll connect people with one another by sharing our favorite outdoor traditions, like learning how to ice-fish, cross-country ski and snowshoe in the winter or how to paddle on the Mississippi River between downtown Saint Paul and Minneapolis in the summer.

Join us for our next day of 4Play on July 30 and let’s show the world how much fun we’re having.

Just come. Everybody’s doing it.